Darcy came into our care a while ago - she requires palliative care for her remaining days.

She is a grand old dame - we think she's a St Bernard / Mastiff cross. Darcy was badly abused by her original drug-fueled owners and was rescued by an elderly lady and her daughter who are now no longer able to look after her after many years of love and attention.

Darcy has a degenerative condition in her back legs; it doesn't stop her wagging her tail though ! Her condition affects her normal functions so she requires lifting and support to walk and relieve herself. The medical prognosis is poor for her so we would love her to be given as much devoted care and attention as possible in her last days.

STOP PRESS !!!!! - Darcy has been taken on permanently by her loving foster-carer. We're helping out too by covering her rather enormous food bills and onward medication to enable her to see her last days in a lovely area in a fabulous loving home.