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OUR BISHOP'S CASTLE SHOP HAS NOW CLOSED AFTER 20+ years. We started up the Dogsbodies shop in Sept 2000 and its closing will leave a big gap in the fabric of Bishop's Castle life. It was fabulous for clothing and bric-a-brac as well as being a much needed social drop-in centre - lonely people and dogs were all welcome. We would like to continue our work - helping out with vet bills for our rescue / rehomed & elderly dogs - and so we will CONTINUE to support them with your donations: see our help  & donations pages.

Here at Dog Samaritans, we have a dedicated team of largely unpaid volunteers who rescue, recover, foster and re-home dogs that need help from various situations.   Can you help in some way ? - WE ARE IN NEED OF SUITABLE FOSTER HOMES - LET US KNOW IF YOU CAN HELP. Both of our shops - in Church Stretton & Bishop's Castle are closed until further notice due to the current Coronavirus situation. You can STILL support us with donations - email [email protected]

The Summer's gawn !! - did you see it ? so not much risk of scalded paws on the road surfaces now - BUT please be aware ( VERY AWARE ) that dog thieves abound and have been active in the area and nationally. Don't leave your dog unattended outside a shop - be vigilant.

REGARDING COVID-19 (Coronavirus)  and your DOG.

Please be sensible and responsible - the government are updating instructions daily and this leaves pet-owners needing some answers to questions about their animals. 

PLEASE go to:  for some great information and procedures - especially is you need to self-isolate.


W A S H   Y O U R   H A N D S,   S T A Y  A L E R T and if you need to  S T A Y   A T   H O M E.

TIMELY REMINDER: PLEASE DON'T GET A DOG ESPECIALLY FOR CHRISTMAS - it will become part of your family and may be unaccustomed to party life. 

The small charity was set up over 30 years ago to help those who could no longer care for their dogs – whether through ill-health or domestic upheaval. The dogs are our number-one priority and while we have no kenneling facilities of our own, we have been using a rather fabulous commercial boarding kennel in south Shropshire. Sadly, this facility is closing down in 2020, so we need to GREATLY increase the number our foster homes for our dogs to stay in while waiting to be re-homed.

We help ALL DOGS of ALL AGES, breeds and character – and some of them are REAL characters! They all have a story to tell - some pleasant and benign, some woeful and some downright disgraceful. We take care of them all and, with a very careful selection process, we match prospective owners to the right dog. Take a look at our Happy Endings page to see the results ! If you'd like to be considered for one of our dogs, try and visit the kennels or we can arrange a foster-home visit. Please remember, though that we know the animal's character and match the candidate owners to the dogs.

As you are already here, reading about us, you’ve obviously thought about ADOPTING a dog from us – but if you cannot directly adopt – you could SPONSOR a dog already in care; we also have several elderly dogs in foster-care seeing out their days in kind and loving homes. Have you thought about FOSTERING ? WE REALLY NEED NEW FOSTER HOMES .....

Once the dog is in our charge – we ensure that it is vet-checked and prepared for the new owner; older dogs are micro-chipped, vaccinated, worm and flea-treated whereas puppies are treated separately for their onward family. Any of our dogs in foster homes have their food supplies and vet care paid for by Dog Samaritans. Further than that, we can also financially assist owners with the cost of spaying and neutering. All prospective owners have to be home-checked before we release the dog to your care. We do our very best for the dog.

As you can imagine – it is a costly affair with sundry fees, veterinary charges, food bills and occasional advertising. The financing of the charity is partly offset by our two small charity shops: one in Church Stretton and one in Bishop’s Castle; donations of clothes, bric-a-brac and books are always welcome and money donations are significantly welcome especially if they are Gift-Aided. 

Needless to say: our shop in BISHOP'S CASTLE remains CLOSED - but our Church Stretton shop is now OPEN - but NOT for donations. Please don't leave your donated goods at either premises or by the doorways - we can't process it at the moment. We'll be up and running again just as soon as we can safely work - please bear with us at the restart of business - lots to catch-up on but we need to do it safely for both you and us.

We have kept our suggested minimum donation astonishingly low for a number of years but our sundry costs have all increased to the point where we have to suggest a more realistic £150 if you decide to take on a dog from us; it will go some way to offset the overheads and investment we’ve made in your dog. Puppies are listed with their suggested donation - this reflects their (sometimes difficult) recovery and foster care.

Here’s something to think about too: 95% of the money we raise goes to the help of the dogs – not many charities can match that.

Thanks for visiting us – please look at the various pages to get the full picture of what we do and how we do it.

Our Dog Shop in Church Stretton

Directly opposite the market square - our shop is a key source of our fund-raising efforts and is packed with all the good things that high quality charity shops have; clothes, bric-a-brac, books, DVDs, something for her, something for him, something for them and of course something for the digger-dogs. Bargains of quality everywhere inside.

The staff are always pleased to see you come through the door - DOGS ARE VERY WELCOME  - and guaranteed to be made a fuss of. In the window is a board with some of the current dogs that need your help - have a look in the window.

Church Stretton Staff - always a welcome !

Marion & Helena (here) and our other helpers are always pleased to see you walking through the door to contribute in any way you can. The constant fund-raising that we have to do to provide for the dogs in our care is relentless - you can help , even in small ways. It can be buying something - dropping off goods for sale - dropping coins in the charity boxes or just having a great chat - and if you have a dog with you - please expect a lot of fuss and attention, you won't escape !


Dog Samaritans is the dog rescue arm of the Animal Samaritans Midlands Trust. We are a registered animal charity based in South Shropshire in the West Midlands region.

As a small animal charity we do not have our own kennels. Most of our dogs, up until now, have been boarded at Nipstone kennels, near The Stiperstones in south Shropshire. These wonderful kennels have had to call it a day and have decided to close in 2020. Needless to say it has been an honour being associated with them and they have been steadfast in their care for the dogs with them. We are proud of the help and care they have given to us and the dogs.

We now have another south Shropshire kennel that help us with our rescues. We will post more details when appropriate. Needless to say they meet our high standards and we're very happy for our dogs to be lodged there. BUT WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP TO FOSTER - please help if you can - just pick up the phone and talk to Carol or drop us an email.

Barking Mad

We also have a few rescue dogs at other kennels in the Church Stretton area and some of our rescue dogs are in foster homes around the county.

We have some other great associated centres that we use: 

For Barking Mad General Enquires: 0845 862 3845 / 01524 220202 / [email protected] 

Please call Carol on 01588 676106 or email: [email protected] for any details you require about the dogs.

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