This recent period has seen a refreshingly low volume of dogs coming into our care - so we're able to ringfence some of our funds to help with your dog's medical issues. The help is primarily for spaying or neutering but may also include serious or major medical conditions; it does NOT include worming and flea treatments or replace your pet-insurance cover. We will only pay the veterinary practice that you use and each case will be evaluated for this help. 

Phone Carol on 01588 676106 to discuss your dog's condition to see if we can help.

Theo says to contact us by phone or email


If you have an enquiry about Dog Samaritans our re-homing branch of Animal Samaritans Midlands Trust animal charity and dog rescue based in South Shropshire, or would like to give us feedback on something you have seen, or would like to see your re-homed digger-dog on our website, then please provide details below and we will respond as soon as we can.

If your enquiry is urgent and concerns adopting a dog or needing a dog to come into dog rescue: call Carol on 01588 676106 or you can email:               [email protected]

For general enquiries and Happy Ending stories please use:                                                 [email protected]