Dogs that Need Homes

This page lists the rescue dogs that are currently under our care - either in Nipstone Kennels in south Shropshire or in foster-homes; some rescue dogs are unsuited to kennel life and it's best that they stay in loving foster homes throughout the border region and West Midlands. All dogs here have been rescued or recovered by Dog Samaritans - but they all need homes.


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All these dogs are looking for a loving home; some are in kennels and others in foster-care. The prospective keepers will be required to have a home-check visit and we ask for a minimum of £150 donation for each rescue dog; some pedigree dogs and puppies will require a higher donation and this is indicated in the listing.

We would love you to consider a rescue dog from us, so please browse our web site which is updated on a daily basis so all rescue dogs here are available. If you feel you can offer the perfect home to one of these wonderful rescue dogs then please call Carol on 01588 676106 - often the phone can be very busy so if you can, please email [email protected] and leave your name and phone number. If telephoning please ring after 9am and before 6pm.

Carol will help you find the ideal dog match for your circumstances.

If you are planning a holiday it is best to wait until you return before you choose a dog. If you wish to reserve a dog until after your holiday, we would ask you to pay the boarding fees until you collect the dog.

Many rescue dogs arrive with the history the previous owners have given us; sometimes this is not always accurate or complete. We do a lot of our own observations of the dogs to corroborate the information supplied and fill-in the all-too obvious gaps.

In a nutshell: If you think you can give any of these dogs a perfect home, please ring Carol on 01588 676106  or email [email protected] 

Sally: 10 yr old female Staffie

SALLY is lovely with people but she is rather poor around other animals.

She is well trained in general and is fine wearing a muzzle for when taking her for a walk.

She is micro-chipped and already spayed however she does need her injections boosted. It is suggested that Sally be the only dog and no cats. (Still in own home)

A rescue dog at dogsamaritans, dog rescue, Shropshire.

Pepper: 9 yr old female Boxer/Labrador

Pepper is a very handsome girl who really needs to be an only dog as she does not like cats. Nice easy, good-natured dog, she is strong on the lead and therefore would not suite an elderly person. She's at Nipstone Kennels near the Stiperstones in south Shropshire. 

A rescue dog at dogsamaritans, dog rescue, Shropshire.

A rescue dog by Dog Samaritans

Lexi: Female Collie apx 2 yr old (not yet spayed)

Lexi is a beautiful tri-coloured Collie – the markings suggest that she has some Kelpie in her. Like a lot of rescue dogs who arrive at our door, Lexi has had a challenging start to life and needs re-conditioning to get her better at domestication. She’s not been socialized with people too well and was initially aggressive – but surprisingly she’s quite friendly around other dogs. This suggests a trust issue which should be able to be corrected with well managed training and TLC. She’s good on the lead but does get excited at traffic and can pull towards cars – again this is a condition that can be corrected.

Lexi looks in good condition but her coat is matted in places – this is early days with us – so we’re leaving her set the pace for now and not pushing her too much. She not been spayed or vaccinated – so it’s a fresh start with her health program and the new owners should expect to put a lot into Lexi’s training but we’re quite confident that with sustained work, she’ll be a fabulous dog and great companion. Currently in care at Nipstone Kennels.

A rescue dog at dogsamaritans, dog rescue, Shropshire.

A rescue dog by Dog Samaritans

Bracken: Male Back & White Collie-X 8 yr old (neutered)

Bracken: 8 year old black and white Collie x (newly-neutered)

Bracken has come into rescue as his former owner did not feel that he was safe around children. We have noted he can be a bit grumpy around new people but we have had no problems with him so far and he has been fine while at the kennels. Apparently, he is OK with dogs but has not lived with another dog but he has lived with cats. He is fine travelling in the car. 

Bracken is going to need an active home even though he is middle aged and he will definitely not be rehomed with children or grandchildren. We're just looking for the right forever home to place him - we're sure he'll be a great companion once he's settled in.

Currently at Nipstone kennels.

A rescue dog at dogsamaritans, dog rescue, Shropshire.

A rescue dog by Dog Samaritans

Fred: Male Collie  3yr old (neutered)

Fred is a 3 year old collie; now neutered. He came into rescue as his elderly owner has had to go into a care home. Fred was his constant companion and rarely went on a lead so does pull. He will need some work on his lead walking as he's very strong.

He is a very friendly dog but he has not had much contact with other animals. He is very affectionate and will make a lovely companion. We don’t have a huge amount of info on him as he was brought in by a relative who didn’t have full details - will update when we can.

He is fully vaccinated and chipped.

A rescue dog at dogsamaritans, dog rescue, Shropshire.

A rescue dog by Dog Samaritans

Peanut: Chiuahua 4mth old (not yet neutered)

Yet another new kid on the block ........ Peanut is a very young, delightful Chihuahua that has just come into our care.

He's very young and nervous just now, but our foster home are expert in bringing on a dog and providing great evaluations. It's early days yet but house-training is still ongoing and socialising too and we'll update this listing as more details become apparent.

Peanut is being looked after by our wonderful foster carers here in South Shropshire.

A rescue dog at dogsamaritans, dog rescue, Shropshire.

A rescue dog by Dog Samaritans

Maddie: Collie / Spaniel X 10yrs old (not yet spayed)

Maddie is a 10+ year old female Collie/Spaniel-X who has come back into care with us and the wonderful home she stayed with has provided valuable and detailed information about her character – which will help us place Maddie in her forever home. The last placement wasn’t able to arrange for Maddie to be spayed – so this should be scheduled sometime in her new home. Dog Samaritans will cover this. She’s been flea and worm treated.

She is completely house-trained and is well disciplined on the lead – she LOVES long walks and is very fit for her age - although if car journeys are involved then she tends to drool heavily on short (5-10min) rides – but longer than this and she’ll be sick. This has vastly improved over her last period of care – so a staged approach to car travelling is called-for. She may require medication for long journeys or holiday jaunts. She sits for occasional treats and eats her food well which consists of two meal / day; she sleeps through the night and is a joy to have around the house and rarely barks.

Maddie developed a quite possessive attachment to her last carers which occasionally progressed to very assertive or dominant behavior when another dog was present – she could, therefore be potentially aggressive to other dogs when on the lead. She was considered not to be ready for off-lead play when out in fields, especially if sheep were visible. In this respect, Maddie would be best suited to a home with no other dogs or cats so she will be completely devoted and attentive to her new owners. She's a lovely girl.

Currently in foster care in south Shropshire

A rescue dog by Dog Samaritans

Pepe: Chiuahua 5-6yrs old (neutered)

Pepe is another delightful Chihuahua that has just come up for re-homing. He's tri-coloured, neutered, micro-chipped and is starting his vaccination regime at the moment.

Pepe's original owner had him for about 3 years before illness and accidents forced her to release him to a friend; so he's been with his current keeper for about 2 years but  the brave decision has been made to re-home him due to an illness condition, leaving her unable to give Pepe the love and proper care he deserves. He's still in his second home just now - but if you wish to see Pepe, we can make the arrangements for you.

Pepe is a great little dog, loves tug-o-war and soft toys and good walks. His deep past includes being house-bound so he can be vocal at times and possessive about food. He will probably require some re-conditioning for socialising - but manages quite well with children and cats ....... so long as they stay clear of his food !! 

Pepe is still in his second home here in south Shropshire. We can arrange a viewing upon application; please contact Janet Hurley on 01588 640932 or drop an email to admin and your message will be forwarded.

A rescue dog at dogsamaritans, dog rescue, Shropshire.

A rescue dog by Dog Samaritans

Meg: Female Border Collie 6yrs old.

Meg has only just come into our care - and we have limited information about her; we think she's 6yrs old but could be slightly older. Other info about vaccinations etc will be updated when we get the details.

Meg is a very gentle girl who is good with people, youngsters and other dogs so will be well suited to a family forever home. She's not had a great start in life so we're hoping you'll find the right home for her and give her the love and attention she so deserves. 

We'll have more details as she settles into our care and so this listing for Meg will be updated as more information gets through. She's currently at Nipstone kennels being looked after by those fabulous people there.

A rescue dog at dogsamaritans, dog rescue, Shropshire.