Male Greyhound/Saluki 5-6 yr old (nutered)

Jack: Male Greyhound/Saluki 5-6 yr old (neutered)

This fella is a right character !! We had an initial issue trying to age him at first as he is very grey round the muzzle – but we now know he’s between 5 & 6 yrs old. Since he's been fostered he's been neutered, a good weight and is falling into domestic life with relish. He is a very affectionate, gentle boy who LOVES his walks - especially long ones - and like most lurchers, simply crashes afterwards with long, blissful sleep (often sneeking upstairs to the spare bedroom !)

His foster home has access to local fields and he loves playing tag with his other dog buddies (Border Terriers & a Lab') - so his socialisation has come on leaps and bounds. He is fine with older children and he's good in the car with improved good lead behaviour when walking around the lanes; he’s also fine with traffic noise. He’s quite happy and inquisitive and likes to wander around the house – although typically of the breed, is sweet-toothed and any left out food is fair-game for snaffling !!

He would best suit that special someone who is home for most of the day - but he's fine for occasional periods of absence. He's well house-trained and will let you know when he needs to go outside. Everyone he meets at his busy foster-home becomes his best friend within minutes of introductions - he'll make a GREAT companion.

A rescue dog at dogsamaritans, dog rescue, Shropshire.